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WeCrash TV runs on a custom streaming platform that has been used for streaming events all over the world for more than a decade. Our streaming partner uses industry standard encoding technologies that are supported by a wide range of devices. Streaming happens through agreements with some of the largest technology companies in the world, so we're able to deliver content to viewers just about anywhere. Some specific devices that we know will work well are listed below, but many other devices should work as well. If you watch us on something different, drop us an email and let us know!

Computers: Mac and Windows platforms that have been released since 2008, on computer hardware released from that same time frame. Many web browsers will work well, but we recommend Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Mobile phones and tablets: iOS and Android devices that have been released since about 2010 should play our content well. This includes phones and tablets. Generally you should use the native browser on your dev ice for the best experience (Safari on iOS, Chrome on Android). Please note that phones or tablets connecting over a cellular connection (not WiFi) will likely experience a lower quality stream due to limitations in your network bandwidth.

Casting to TVs: The WeCrash TV player can be cast natively from a Mac or iOS device through Airplay, or from an Android device or the Google Chrome browser using Chromecast. This covers a wide range of televisions and set-top boxes, including AppleTV, Amazon Fire Stick, and many televisions that have casting support built-in. And our content will play through an HDMI cable connected to a TV as a monitor for your device; we do not block content through HDCP or other means.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm in - how do I watch?
This is such a good question that we have a How to Watch page all setup. Basically, you create an account with your email address, you confirm your account (check your junk mail folder), and then you select the ticket level you want. You are redirected to our payment processor, and when that is done, your ticket is active.

What is an event ticket and why do I need one?
Our system is designed to let event promoters decide the terms for viewing their events. This is controlled by creating different ticket types that connect to different sets of content. Soemt tickets may let you watch an entire weekend of events, and some may only let you watch one day. Some may let you watch live only, and some may include replay on-demand viewing. And some content may be free, but the promoter wants to give a free ticket to encourage viewers to sign in with their email account. The terms for buying a ticket will be clearly included on event pages, and it's possible to have both a free ticket and a paid ticket (so you can start out with free content and then decide to buy).

Are my ticket purchase transactions secure?
We partner with Stripe to manage ticket purchases; they are one of the largest financial companies in this space. Credit card numbers never land in our hands; all we know is that your purchase succeeded, and we have a transaction ID to let us investigate with Stripe if there's a problem. All content delivered by WeCrash.TV is over SSL secure protocols, so your account information, passwords, and more are encrypted from your computer all the way to our servers. In short - we believe it's very secure.

Can I watch live or replay an event afterwards?
Our promoters can set the terms of viewing for their content. Some may only offer live streams, and some may offer on-demand replays. We would love for all promoters to offer on-demand content, as we know there's a lot that you might miss and want to go back and see.

Is there a monthly subscription cost or option?
We've started WeCrash.TV to deliver content through "pay per view," a model where viewers pay once to watch content. As our relationships with promoters grows, and we have a bigger body of content to offer, we may explore other options, including a subscription service. Let us know what you'd like to see by emailing howdy@wecrash.tv.

When does the show start? Are times Central, Mountain, or what?
All event times that our live sessions display are set to the local time of the venue where the event is taking place. For Gold Rush 2023, this means Mountain time. We may also list Central time in some of our social media posts.

Can I watch on my Roku box on my TV?
Roku is the biggest provider of set-top boxes, and we love it so much that we've got a special section just for Roku questions, here.

Can I watch on my AppleTV or Amazon Fire Stick?
We've started our set-top box options with Roku. Our plans for future events include support for AppleTV and Amazon Fire Stick, which will cover most of the market for set-top boxes. Stay tuned for more information in this area!

Roku Information

Our Roku channel is complete and has been tested extensively. We have submitted it to Roku for publishing and expect it to be available to watch Gold Rush Nationals. Please stay tuned to this page and to our social media accounts for the latest updates. As soon as we have confirmation about availability, we will let you know!

Support email: support@wecrash.tv